Preseident                             Phil Garcia

First Vice President              Bill Thompson

Second Vice President        Henry Ivy

Third Vice President               

Treasurer                                Jose Macias

Secretary                                Tim Cassidy

Field Safety Officer                Dick Andersen

 Webmaster                             Kris Da San Martino


Al Abdullah                                                      Stockton, Ca

Richard Andersen                                           Stockton, Ca

Dan Anena                                                      Stockton, Ca

Tim Cassidy                                                    Stockton, Ca

Kris Da San Martino                                        Linden, Ca

Jerold Davis                                                    Pine Grove, Ca

Ray Din                                                           Midwest member

Albert Doucette                                               Stockton, Ca

Dan Fetterman                                                East cost member

Robert Foster                                                  Stockton, Ca

Charles Galleta                                               Bryon, Ca

Philip Garcia                                                   Stockton, Ca

Mike Hear                                                       Stockton, Ca

Jose Macias                                                   Stockton, Ca

Stan Smart                                                     Stockton, Ca

Donald Snodgrass                                          Stockton, Ca

William Thompson                                          Stockton, Ca

Jon Wilson                                                       

Terry Williams                                                 Stockton, Ca

Henry Ivey                                                       Stockton, Ca


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