Science Olympiad 2017


Here is a link to pictures and a short video of our 2015 Jet Rally.  The pictures and video were taken by Mike Heer long time member of Delta Valley Modelers.  You can find Mike on RCGroups were he does reviews of the newest aircrafts from many of the RC manufacturers

           Jet Rally 2015 pictures

________________  New reviews from the hanger of Michael Heer _______________

You can pick them up at Tower Hobbies..


R 008 (1024x702)

Ryan STA

lig 033 (1024x682)

Flitwork’s P-38

tp1 003 (1024x683)

Flitworks P-38


20150307_110942 SO133(640x427) SO131(640x427) SO126(640x427) SO122(640x427) SO118(640x427) SO099(640x427) SO112(640x427) SO033(640x427) SO017(640x427) SO096(640x427) SO015(640x427)

______________________ Science Olympia 2015  ______________________




_____________AMA convention _______________________________

____________________ Christmas Party & Outgoing President __________________

cropped-DVM-Award-12-2014-2.jpgDVM 2014 Xmas Cake

Our 2014 Christmas party was a huge success with over 35 guests attending.  We had a great raffle with lots of great prizes, including, some beautiful airplanes.

Outgoing president, Al Doucette, presented Secretary Tim Cassidy and Treasurer Jose Macias with plaques to express thanks for the great jobs they both do, in their respective offices.

After the gavel had been turned over to the new president, Dan Fetterman, Ray Din presented Al Doucette with an award made with a Huey Cobra tail rotor blade, a coveted symbol of their time flying in Vietnam, by most Army Helicopter Pilots.

The inscription reads: Presented To Albert Doucette for your Dedicated Military Service and Outstanding Services to Delta Valley Modelers for the years 2013 to 2014.

The above picture shows  Al has it prominently displayed in his home.



_____________________ Jet Rally 2014 _______________________


Just Testing the smoke system….

DSC00008 DSC00009 DSC00005 100_0025 100_0023 100_0021 100_0020 DSC00013 DSC00009

_________________ Awards Dinner ___________________

Pilot Dinner Party Cake

Pilot Dinner Party Cake

_100_0026 100_0030 100_0032 100_0033 100_0035 100_0038 100_0041______________________________________________________________________


Mini Fest 2014

Mini Festival 2014



MiniFest 2014Mini Fest 2014

Mini Fest 2014MiniFest2014


 DVM Members setup for an RC demo at Maraposa Airport opening day.DSC00018 DSC00010 DSC00020

 Here are some of the full size aircraft that were on display..




__________ DVM members at this years Science Olympiad __________



____________  5th Anual Jet Rally Nov. 2013 ____________

Jet Rally 2013DSC01031

cropped-DVM-Award-12-2014-2.jpgBuzz Light Year




Here are some pictures of the Mini Festival.  August 30,31 & September 1st.


Phil get ready for the paint ball event were you can shoot at an airplane flying by.


Some of the younger visiters enjoyed their chance to shoot at an airplane


The event tents are ready for three days of flying and fun


Al displays his collection of heliocopters that were all hand made.

DSC01010 DSC00995 DSC00996 DSC00997 DSC00999 DSC01001 DSC01002 DSC01003 DSC01004 DSC01005