Saturday (Jan 24, 2015) Delta Valley Members Officiated the Science Olympia s “Right Stuff” compaction at Tracy High School. Local H.S. in the area sent teams that built wood air planes to specific plans.

Each team would then compete to see whose airplane could stay aloft the longest.

Delta Valley Modelers has been officiating the right stuff cooption for 5 years






DSC00005Check out the Photo & Video pages for pictures and videos from our 2014 Jet Rally.  Everyone had a great time and received many comments from the pilots that this was the best R/C jet event they have ever attended.


Updates to the News page

  • New Open Source R/C transmitter.


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Our club was established in 1971 and we built our first field on Rough and Ready Island through help from the United States Navy. Unfortunately, the land was returned to the Port of Stockton and we had to leave our field.

We are currently looking to secure a new site in the local area.  
If anyone has any ideas or leads they wish to share that could help us secure a  temporary or permanent flying site, please email the webmaster at 


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