April 20th

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Updates to the News Page

  • AMA/FAA sign memorandum of understanding
  • Judge dismiss a $10,000 fine for fly a drone 


Welcome to the home page of the Delta Valley Modelers.  Please feel  free to visit us regularly here on the website for upcoming events and other R.C. information

Our club was established in 1971 and we built our first field on Rough and Ready Island through help from the United States Navy. Unfortunately, the land was returned to the Port of Stockton and we had to leave our field.

We are currently looking to secure a new site in the local area.  
If anyone has any ideas or leads they wish to share that could help us secure a  temporary or permanent flying site, please email the webmaster at 


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  1. Check out our new page build post. Members working on a new airplane will post pictures of there work as it proceeds to it concolution. Check back to see how things turn out.

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